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Class of 2017 Graduation Information

March 28, 2017 Update!

Graduation is only 53 days away!

The final graduation meeting will be Wednesday, May 10th at 5pm at TCS.  Caps & gowns and tickets will be distributed at this meeting. We'll go over the final details of the rehearsal and the ceremony as well as answer questions.  We have received several requests for extra tickets; it is unknown if or how many extra will be available, but please do not expect to receive more than ONE additional ticket if any. If available, these additional tickets will be handed out at the meeting, and we will not save any.  If you need an extra ticket, you MUST attend the meeting.  The meeting should not last more than 45 minutes to an hour.

Graduation Rehearsal is Friday, May 19th at 1:00 in the Matesich Theatre at ODU.  Students must be there!  If your student hasn't already requested off work, please encourage them do so!

Graduation fees are due by May 1st to the front office at TCS or to Ms. Konet.  The fee is $100, and helps to cover the many costs associated with graduation, including caps, gowns, venue rental, food, diplomas, etc.  Even if a student does not attend graduation, they will still owe the graduation fee, as we plan on 100% attendance and costs are fixed based on that number. 

Graduation program:  Mr. Spackman sent out a request for information several weeks ago. Please remind your student to get him the requested information so that they have a page in the program.  If students do not meet the deadline for Mr. Spackman, they may not be able to be included in the program because of printing time.  

Any questions can be directed to Allie Konet at 

Attention Parents of Graduating Seniors!

By now, your student should have made progress on several major milestones for life after TCS@ODU.  Some of the things he or she should have completed by now include:

  • Taking the ACT or SAT at least twice
  • Completing at least three college applications (preferably including one local school in Columbus)
  • Started searching for and applying for scholarships!  Places to look online include college websites, The Columbus Foundation, Ohio Means Jobs K-12, and Ohio Higher Ed, the United Nego College Fund, and the Hispanic Scholarship Fund.

As of October 1st, the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) became available for families to fill out.  The majority of students are considered dependent, and the FAFSA will require parent information.  If you have questions about your student’s dependency status, the student should see Ms. Konet to discuss his or her individual circumstances.  A good goal to have is to file the FAFSA by mid-February.  Some steps to get started include:

  • Signing up for an FSA ID.  Each student and one parent must have a unique FSA ID.  Sign up online at
  • Complete the FAFSA using your 2015 tax information.  This may be different than what you have used in the past if you have previously filed the FAFSA for yourself or another student.  This is a new change!  The 2017-2018 FAFSA will use your 2015 tax information.  If something has dramatically changed in your income, you should contact the schools your students is interested in attending to find out about applying for special circumstances.

Please encourage your student to regularly check his or her TCS email during this last semester.  There will be numerous surveys to gather information, including height/weight for ordering caps and gowns, announcements about tickets and meetings, and graduation progress.  It’s extremely important that students stay current, and email is the most efficient system we have. 

Congratulations!  Your student is nearing the conclusion of his or her high school career, and is about to embark on the next phase of life.  TCS@ODU will celebrate the graduation of the class of 2016 on Saturday, May 20th.  There will be another graduation meeting for students and parents held at the high school closer to graduation, when we will distribute caps and gowns and other important information will be made available.  The details that are available now are listed below. 

At this time, Ms. Konet, Ms. Heltsley and Ms. Wiedenhoft have met at least once with all members of the graduating class to discuss graduation plan progress, college applications and FAFSA or other post-secondary plans, and answer any questions they have had.  Your student should have attempted either the ACT or SAT at least once, preferably twice by now. Fee waivers are available for students who qualify.  Please see Ms. Konet or Ms.  Wiedenhoft with questions.  It remains your student’s responsibility to complete and pass coursework, applications and request transcripts to be mailed.  The high school transcript request form is available on the TCS website under the “Student” tab; college transcripts need to be requested directly from ODU or CSCC.  Although there are several advisors working with students depending on his or her academic situation, Ms. Konet is available to help any families with college-specific questions, including Common App, FAFSA inquiries and transcript requests.  Students can set up appointments, email, or call her office as needed.

Graduation Fee:  there is a $100 graduation fee due Monday, May 1st.  This fee helps offset the cost of caps, gowns, the luncheon, venues, refreshments, photography, and program.  Graduation programs will be a keepsake item in which each student is featured on his or her own page.  There will be a professional photographer at the luncheon and graduation, and photos will be for sale through the photographer following graduation.  TCS@ODU will provide the family with a print of your student receiving his or her diploma.  Students earning the AA degree from Ohio Dominican will re-wear their ODU cap and gown for TCS graduation.

Tickets:  Seating in Matesich Theatre at ODU, the location for graduation, is limited.  Students can expect to receive 7 tickets for graduation.  Children who are old enough to walk on their own without assistance will require their own ticket.  If additional tickets become available, students will receive them one at a time on a first-come, first-served basis. Current TCS students and TCS alumni can obtain tickets directly from the TCS front office.   Tickets will be dispersed at the graduation meeting where students obtain their caps and gowns. 

Diplomas:  In order for a student to participate in the commencement ceremony, he or she must have completed and passed all required coursework.  Students who are missing any credits will not be permitted to participate in the program.  If your student is in a position of needing to complete credits over the summer, or return in the fall, he or she may participate in the following May’s commencement (2018), but will not be able to participate this year.  Students who have not passed a section of the OGT may be able to participate in the May 2017 ceremony with some modifications.  If your student is missing a section of the OGT, please see Ms. Konet to discuss how this will be handled.  If your student is currently enrolled in a CSCC course and that course is required for graduation, your student may not have his or her final grade prior to graduation because of CSCC’s semester schedule. If grades will not be available by May 16th, given the unique nature of this situation, we will require your student to obtain a current grade sheet that has been signed by the professor, and submit it to Ms. Wiedenhoft or Ms. Konet by May 16th.  If this form is not submitted, or does not indicate your student’s likely passing of this required course, he or she will not be permitted to participate in the program.

Honors Diplomas:  The distinction of graduating with an Honors Diploma is set by the state of Ohio, not TCS@ODU.  In order to earn an Honors Diploma, a student must meet at least 7 of the follow 8 criteria.  All of these criteria are indicated on your student’s transcript.

  • 4 credits of English
  • 4 credits of Math—1 credit MUST be beyond Algebra 2/Math III
  • courses beyond Algebra 2/Math III include Math IV, Pre-Calculus, MTH 140, MTH 160, and MTH 240 at ODU.  CSCC equivalents to Statistics, Pre-Calc and Calculus 1 also count.
  • 4 credits of Science—MUST include 1 credit of Chemistry AND 1 credit of Physics
  • 4 credits of Social Studies
  • Many ODU and CSCC courses count as Social Studies. See your advisor for details.
  • 3 credits of Global Language—or 2 credits each of 2 different languages
  • 1 credit of Fine Arts
  • Cumulative high school GPA: 3.5
  • ACT Composite of 27 or SAT Math + Reading Score of 1210

Friday, May 19th
1:00 PM Graduation Rehearsal:  It is imperative all students attend graduation rehearsal.  Please ensure that your student requests time off work during this time.  The graduation ceremony is very involved, and they need to know where to go, how to get there, and when to do it.  The rehearsal is the only time they will have to practice!  Parents, you need not attend the rehearsal.  Location:  Erskine Hall, Matesich Theatre.

Saturday, May 20th
11:30 AM  Graduation Luncheon:  This event is for our TCS graduates to take the opportunity to enjoy a meal with their teachers and professors in celebration of their accomplishments.  Location:  Griffin Student Center, Room 260­. Students only, please.

2:00 PM:  Graduation Reception:  Families are welcome to join us for refreshments prior to the start of the Commencement Ceremony.  Location:  Erskine Hall, 2nd Floor.

3:00 PM:  Commencement Ceremony:  This is the formal ceremony in which students will walk across the stage and receive their diplomas.  Seating will begin at 2:30.  Location: Erskine Hall, Matesich Theatre.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you have about any of the events leading up to and including graduation day.  Allie Konet can be reached via email at or at 614.251.4327, and Mike Beard can be reached at or at 614.258.8588.