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TCS Mission and Vision

The Charles School Mission:

The mission of the school is to prepare students for life-long learning, commitment to community and informed
citizenship by immersing them in real-world, active learning as well as rigorous academics. Significant to its purpose is to
make higher education affordable, accessible and attractive for a broad diversity of Ohio’s high school students. As well,
the school works to provide successful college preparation and experience to high school students who may have faced
obstacles in the past, along with an arc to higher education for students who might not have considered college an option.

The Charles School Vision:

The Charles School at Ohio Dominican University is a five-year program offering students a high school diploma and up
to 62 hours of college credit tuition free. Students who may have faced obstacles in the past, and students who might not
have considered college, have teachers and advisors who smooth the transition to college. This school is a significant
partnership initiative of The Graham School and Ohio Dominican University with both entities fully committed to the
success of its students as well as the many opportunities to bring our communities together for productive learning