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TCS Transcript Request Form

Please use the link below to request our registrar to send your TCS transcripts to colleges, universities and scholarship organizations where you have applied. Sending TCS transcripts to these institutions is free of charge.  

Current Students:  If you have questions about using the form or the college and scholarship application process, please see Ms. Hofacker or e-mail her at:  TCS is only able to send your TCS transcript, and this request does not include the mailing of ODU transcripts.  If you need to send ODU transcripts, please contact their Registrar's Office at 614.251.4650.  You are responsible for all fees associated with mailing ODU transcripts.  

Alumni:  Your account must be clear of all fines and fees.  If you have outstanding textbooks or owe lunch money, your transcript will not be sent until this money is received.

Request Transcripts