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Staff Directory

Name Position
Debbie Addison
Director of Advancement
Cathy Baney 
Business Administrative Assistant, Front Office Manager
Harmony Barnett 
Business and Development Assistant
Mike Beard 
Ashley Boltz 
Front Desk Associate
Corey Borders 
French Teacher
Greg Brown
Co-Superintendent / CEO
Adam Buch 
Intervention Specialist
Jonathan Carlier 
Social Studies Teacher
Gail Collins 
Brice Dobler 
Coordinator of Scheduling & Testing, Mathematics Teacher
Sara Duke
English Teacher/ Early College Advisor
Katherine Fischer 
English Teacher
Jennifer Fowler 
Science Teacher
Stephanie Glitsch
Science Teacher
Lauren Greenspan 
Director of Social and Emotional Learning
Christina Hefty
Math Teacher
Emelie Heltsley 
School Counselor
Valerie Hessler
School Nurse
Audra Juarez 
Spanish Teacher
Alexandra Konet
Coordinator of Early College Experiences & School Counselor
Shelbie Krontz 
English Teacher
Jamie Lenzo 
Director of Special Education
Melanie Lolli
Math Teacher
Cheryl Long
Business Administrator
Sarah Lopienski 
Education Data Analyst
Samantha Lortz 
English Teacher
Jodi Mancuso 
Front Desk Associate
Eileen Meers
Co-Superintendent / CEO
Carol Nashalsky 
Physical Education Teacher
Steven Owens 
Social Studies Teacher
Yolanda Perez
Ryan-Michelle Pettit 
Math Teacher
Rachel Prince 
Art Teacher
Eric Remlinger 
Social Studies Teacher
Melissa Rulong
English Teacher/ CASEL (Community of Academic Support and Emotional Learning) Coordinator
David Scharping 
CASEL (Community of Academic Support and Emotional Learning) Coordinator
Chris Spackman
ESL Coordinator
Zach Steinberger
IT Specialist
Andrea Townsend
Science Teacher
Jennifer Waddell
Development Coordinator
Jane Wiedenhoft 
Social Studies Teacher
Jeff Wiseman
Lead Network Engineer